Boris Castro, son of a KGB-Officer and a Tropicana Dancer, originally from Cienfuegos, studied abroad in East Germany and relocated to Hamburg after the days of turmoil when the wall came down. Lemus originally born in El Salvador, grew up and graduated at university in Toronto. She joined Castro in Hamburg where they established Green Hunter Productions in 2010.

GHP is a small but effective multi-tasking unit. We are specialized in producing images filmes from A to Z at reasonable budgets:

  • developing treatments
  • writing scripts, scouting locations
  • operating cameras, recording sounds, setting lights
  • post production editing, color corrections, sound mix
  • transcribing, interpreting, subtitling
  • exporting to theater, dvd and web formats

We worked and collaborated with: Jever Pilsner, Fritz Kola, Sierra Tequila, Lucky Strike, Mercedes Benz, Continental Reifen, Onitsuka Tiger, Williamson-Dickie, Museum der Arbeit, FC St. Pauli, State Bicycle USA, Film ExChange Texas, Galerie Le Feuvre Paris … and many more.